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While we may not be able to gather together in Champaign, there are still many ways to further our education. Check out what Hillel recommends for virtual seders, shabbat services, 

virtual classes and seminars, and advocacy and donation opportunities.  

Pesach — Passover in Hebrew.

Seder —  Literally “order.” The seder is the ritual meal on the first night, and repeated on the second night in many homes, where the narratives of the Exodus from Egypt are told.

Haggadah — The text read at the seder.

Matzah —  Unleavened bread that resembles a cracker. It's one of the key symbolic foods of Passover.

Chametz — Leavened food that is avoided on Passover.

Passover Greetings

“Chag kasher v’sameach” — “A happy and kosher holiday” (Hebrew)

“Ah zissen Pesach” — “A sweet Passover” (Yiddish)

From Hillel International (

Online Seders & How-Tos


Choose from 100 virtual Sedarim to tune into for your Passover Seder! 

The Minimalists

The minimal resources and tools you need for a minimalist Passover seder!

Hillel Hub - COVID-19

Resources for hosting a Seder during COVID-19.

Hillel Hub - Zoom Seder

How to Host a Zoom Seder according to Hillel Hub.

Union for Reform Judiasm

Digital, interactive resources to include in your seder this year!

Jewish United Fund

6 Tips for Hosting a Solo Passover Seder!

Shabbat Service Streaming

Here are two useful websites Hillel recommends for finding shabbat streaming services.

Reform Judiasm

Directory of Congregations that stream Shabbat services

My Jewish Learning

Live Kabbalat Shabbat streaming service (eastern time zone)

Classes & Seminars


  • Hillel @ Home - Daily classes, workshops and featured speakers.

  • Orthodox Union - Daily videos for Pesach preparation (kashering your kitchen, managing Pesach prep under the stress of COVID-19, etc.)

  • Hazon - Resources for social distancing and quarantine, reading resources

  • My Jewish Learning - Daily Passover workshops, cooking classes, stand up comedy, and more!

  • Jewish Theological Seminary - Passover Inspiration, podcasts, Torah classes, and short Holiday videos!

  • Aish - Pesach guides, daily videos, overview of Passover laws, recipes, and more!

  • Shorashim - #BetterTogether Campaign resources

  • The iCenter for Israel Education - Israel resources, workshops, classes, featured speakers, study guides.

Donation and Advocacy

In the spirit of giving, check out Mazon–a charitable food resource guide for COVID-19.

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