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CU Eruv Endowment

The Champaign-Urbana Eruv serves a pivotal institution for the Champaign Urbana observant community since its inauguration in 2017. The Eruv's value to the Jewish community is both functional and spiritual. It offers Jewish students and community members the opportunity to carry items on Shabbat. More importantly though, the Champaign Urbana Eruv marks the borders of our Jewish community and serves as a permanent symbol of unity and communal sharing. 


The Eruv is checked and maintained by Illini Hillel's OU-JLIC Rabbi and student leaders. Rabbi Howard Jachter inspect the Eruv annually.


Until now, the Eruv has depended on year-to-year fundraisers and donations for its upkeep.


It is with great joy that we announce the launch of our Eruv Endowment Campaign, aimed at raising $100,000 to secure the future of the C-U Eruv.

Please explore our tiers of giving below, along with the rewards you can expect in thanks for your generous contribution. 

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Name a LECHI

Dedicate one of the Lechim that make up the C-U Eruv in honor or memory of a loved one.

A Lechi is a special touch point in the Eruv that requires regular maintenance and inspection. 

Find your Lechi using a digital dedication marker on our Eruv map.


The Lechim which hold up the Eruv are each numbered.

There are six Lechim numbered with multiples of 18 - the Chai Lechim.

Dedicate one of these special Lechim in the name of a friend, loved one, or organization.

Your dedication includes a physical plaque placed on your chosen Lechi along with a digital marker on our Eruv Map.

Name the Eruv Endowment

With a generous foundation gift, you can name the entire Eruv Endowment.

Email Erez at for more information on naming the Eruv Endowment.

Join the Kahal

Make a gift in any amount to the Eruv Endowment to help support observant Jewish students at UIUC.

Your donation helps pay for the supplies and tools used to maintain the Eruv and repair any damage in addition to the safety equipment student volunteers need to remain safe and visible while checking and maintaining the Eruv.

Thank you!
Thank you for supporting observant Jewish Life at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign by donating to the Eruv Endowment.

To make a secure online donation, visit the CUJEF website here 
Checks can be sent to Illini Hillel, 503 E. John Street, Champaign IL 61820
Contact for stock transfer or IRA disbursement or DAF gifts

Our students, staff, and community tremendously appreciate your support for the C-U Eruv and Jewish life at UIUC.

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