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the orthodox perspective

Hear from current students what it means to be part of Hillel's Orthodox Jewish programming.

Explore orthodox student life

What is it like to be an Orthodox student at University of Illinois? Hear from just a few of our students about why they chose U of I and their favorite parts of the community and why U of I might be right for you.

Orthodox Jewish Life at the University of Illinois
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Meet the OUJLIC Couple

Rabbi Nimrod Soll and Chana Fish Soll are the OUJLIC couple on campus. They foster Orthodox Jewish connection to the faith and community. They are super excited to meet you!

Services and Learning

There is a variety of programming available to the Orthodox Community in C-U. Every night of the week, there is a regular Maariv Minyan (evening prayer service) which gathers at Illini Hillel. On thursday evenings after Maariv, Rabbi Nimrod Soll leads a learning session for any students interested in sticking around for a few extra minutes and discussing any hot topics on their mind. 


In addition, there is often monthly women's programming with Chana Soll, as well as educational opportunities for anyone seeking to learn one-on-one with Rabbi Nimrod or Rebbetzin Chana. These are just a few of the wonderful religious programs offered at Illini Hillel. 

Champaign-Urbana Eruv


Inaugurated in August of 2017, the Champaign Urbana Eruv is certified by the OU under the supervision of Rabbi Howard Jachter and endorsed by the cRc.

Kosher Dining

Find kosher foods in Champaign-Urbana!  Check out our map below

to see where you can find Kosher certified foods.

Hillel regularly offers kosher dining at our Cafe Sababa during lunch hours, 

in addition to weekly shabbat dinners. 

For a full list of Kosher offerings in Champaign-Urbana, check out

Kosher C-U provided by the Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federdation. 

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