Meet the Mirco-Communities

Here at Hillel, there is a community for everyone! Micro-communities are student-led groups untied by common interests such as gaming, sports, and more!

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Shabbos Gamers

We are a community within Hillel that comes together, especially on Shabbat, to hang out and play games. We strive to meet new people and make connections with them. We invite all those that want to come join us weekly and experience these fun times.

Want to get involved? Contact Nathan Fensterheim at nef4@illinois.edu

Hillel Co-Ed Intramural Sports

Our community bonds over our love for playing sports in a fun way. We want to have a great experience playing sports together and intramurals is a great way to do that. This Micro-community is Co-ed; it is meant for anyone. Our goal is to have fun as a team and maybe win a few games.

Want to get involved? Contact Noah Brody at nabrody2@illinois.edu

Dungeons & Dragons

We meet every week to play the storytelling-roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons, our goal is to create a friendly and openminded environment, spur creativity, and tell a fun and exciting story that we all have a part in building and experiencing.

Want to get involved? Contact Eli Sofovich at eli.sofovich@gmail.com


LGBTJew is a space for queer Jews, allies, and all community members to celebrate and share in diversity. We offer a safe space for queer Jews and work to bring awareness to the different identities that exist within the Jewish community. Learn more about LGBTJew. 

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Orthodox Jewish Students Micro-Community

We are the students who identify as Orthodox Jews (the collective traditionalist branches of contemporary Judaism), who do the things that Orthodox Jews do, i.e. pray, eat, observe halachot, etc. Our goals as a community is to, well, be a community — which involves quite a lot of things that I am not going to exhaustively list here, but includes sharing common goals and working together to achieve them, supporting each other, and generally being a cohesive and safe and prosperous and happy group within the Urbana-Champaign community.

Want to get involved? Contact Eli Sofovich at eli.sofovich@gmail.com