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Program Intern

Fall 2021 - Spring 2021


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— Name, Title

Academic Year Internship 

Reports directly to the Program Director


Key Responsibilities:

  • Programming Logistics and Communication

    • Receive and enter all approved Wufoo Forms into our Master Programming List

    • Conduct email correspondence with staff and student for every Wufoo Form received in order to confirm program details and logistics with the staff and student leading a program

    • Cross reference Wufoo forms with Master Programming List to ensure there is no overlap in dates and timing of programming. If there is overlap, the intern will communicate with the appropriate staff/student to figure out a new date for their program.

    • Filling out Space Request Forms for the programs which require specific set up and space reservations

    • Meet with the Office Manager once a week to touch base on upcoming programs and ensure space availability

    • Meet with Program Director once a week for a supervision and progress check-in

    • Work with Program Director to communicate kitchen needs to the caterer for programs which require food and/or kitchen space


  • Programming Promotion and Outreach

    • Create a streamlined method for communicating upcoming events and programs to the entire Hillel staff, student leaders, and interns

    • Locate each UIUC college’s newsletter and collect the contact information for the college’s marketing team and/or newsletter

    • Examine upcoming programming each week and decide which programs should be promoted in specific college newsletters


  • Online Presence

    • Being present at the larger programs and taking pictures of attendees with Hillel’s professional camera

    • Confirming programs, including sending final graphics and registration forms to the student leader and/or staff member heading an event



  • Experience with Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word, etc.)

  • Strong communication and writing skills

  • Minimal marketing or promotional experience

  • Experience sending professional emails

  • Willingness to learn and grow and a leader and professional - not afraid to ask questions

  • Self-starter, creative and motivated 

  • Works well alone and in a team environment

Hours and Pay

12-15 hours/week (TBD based on workload)


To Apply: Please email your resume and cover letter to Abby Chargo at

Not currently accepting applications.

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