Committee Expectations

Social Committee:


Implement large All-Hillel programs such as:

  • Maccaball

    • Barn Dance

    • Dodgeball (with the Tzedek Committee)

    • Pizzapalooza

    • Purim Party (with the Jewish Education Committee)

    • Finals Frenzy(s)

    • Welcome Week(s)


  • Plan and implement 2 events a week---1 should be a collaboration with another committee, another can be anything else, inside or outside of the building

  • Plan impromptu events with non-leaders- at least 3 programs/month planned by non-leaders

  • 1 Freshman event/ month planned by Committee Member

  • Work with Engagement team on class and dorm programming

  • Work with a different external campus organization at least 1/month on Shabbat dinner/Oneg program

  • Attend Shabbat dinners and Bagel Brunches whenever possible

  • Plan 10 programs over the summer divided between Chicago area and C-U

    • At least 2 Freshman programs- work with Engagement team (earlier in Summer)

  • Work with other committees on implementation and promotion of programming


Tzedek Committee:


  • Committee will create and maintain Hillel’s Tzedek Vision by

    • Expanding Hillel’s presence on campus & and the CU and Chicagoland community

    • Being in relationship with a broad variety of RSOs, Cultural Centers, Faith Groups, Direct Service Organizations, and Local/Statewide Community Leaders

    • Creating and executing a plan of Hillel Tzedek-based programming inside, and outside our space

    • Maintaining a safe, welcoming, open, and diverse space, in which people of all gender expressions, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and abilities feel affirmed and present

  • Committee will take the lead in discussing with students within Hillel and within their networks outside of Hillel to determine the issues that will guide Hillel’s Tzedek Vision

  • Committee will meet weekly to discuss upcoming initiatives and create programming and educational opportunities that complement the search to determine the issues for Hillel’s Tzedek Vision

  • Committee will plan immersive experiences such as alternative breaks that are related to the Tzedek Vision

  • Committee will plan at least 6 programs in partnership with other groups on campus

  • Committee will work with other committees to oversee the implementation of the Tzedek Vision through programming, fundraising, ritual, and education

  • Committee will follow up with students who attend their events and/or students interested in working on Hillel’s Tzedek Vision

  • Committee will work with Greek members to strategize Hillel involvement in Greek philanthropic efforts

  • By the end of January, the committee will have chosen 3 issues as the signature foci for the Tzedek Vision, through which most programming, fundraising, ritual, and education will be framed


Israel Education Committee:

  • Take an active role in birthright promotion through:

    • Pre trip: tabling rotation, house announcements, personal outreach- division of lists from Hillel and Shorashim and Birthright Shabbat promotion at meals

    • Shorashim campus events- promotion and attendance

    • Post trip: finding past participants to talk about experience (different groups of people), helping organize reunions and programming

  • Plan and organize Israel Week once a semester

  • Exploring Israel - rotation of student leaders to lead EI and outreach to lay leaders to encourage them to lead EI

  • 1 unique Israel program planned by each student on the committee per semester, could be a collaboration with an individual from another committee

  • Work with other committees to infuse Israel Education into other Hillel programming

  • Personal follow ups with students returning from Israel immersive experiences

  • Consistent one-on-one interactions with: students attending Israel programming, members of coalition organizations and general student leaders who can be educated on Israel, students who have recently returned from an Israel trip.

    • Be in communication with Engagement team to meet with students identified with an interest in Israel programming


Jewish Education Committee:


  • Plan and implement enriching educational programming:

    • 1 program/week

    • Diverse Shabbat programs and experiences (dinner, services, oneg, all of the above)

    • Programming about and for different movements (denominations) on campus

    • Minyan-specific programming

    • Interfaith and intercultural programs (six per semester)

    • Programs with JET, UIUC Chabad, and JLIC


  • Set the tone for Holidays within and outside of building through:

    • Building aesthetics

    • Quad Programs

    • Dorm Programs

    • Hillel programs

    • Logistics (sign up, day of, service leaders, etc)

    • Creating welcoming atmosphere

    • Dinner announcements leading up to Holidays

    • Follow up and engagement from Holidays


  • Work with social committee whenever possible to infuse education into programming

  • Promote Ritual/Educational events through social media, personal outreach, flyers and reaching out to other communities and organizations campus wide and C-U wide

  • Follow up with students at events and Shabbat/holiday services

  • Meet and connect with students involved in intercultural and interfaith activities to build and grow networks

  • Work with Engagement Interns to enhance their educational output

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