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Ethiopia Alternative Break

This summer, twenty University of Illinois undergraduate students will explore the religious and cultural landscape of Ethiopia. This multi-faith trip will explore the history and significance of the Ethiopian Jewish community, the Ethiopian Orthodox community and others including the rural community of Awra Amba that believes religion is "not about building churches and mosques but about seeing God everywhere." 

The students will volunteer with multiple organizations, including visiting school children in the north, and meet with multiple influential leaders from Ethiopia. The trip will be led by Waga Brok, an Ethiopian Israeli who is the Israel Fellow for Illini Hillel. She will frame the trip in context of her own family's journey of making "aliyah" or immigrating to Israel. This exploration of identity and background will build a deeper connection between these twenty students that they can bring back to the UIUC campus. 

This incredible, first-of-its-kind trip will not be possible without your help.

You have the chance to give this global learning experience to a University of Illinois student looking to

spend their summer learning, volunteering and growing. 

Please write "Ethiopia" in name of trip on donation page. You can also Venmo @Illini-Hillel.

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