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Overview: Preside over the organization. President Responsibilities: Oversee the following officers: Executive VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Director Officer Responsibilities:

  • Work with the appropriate staff member(s).
  • Preside over meetings of the HLC.
  • Be the external face and spokesperson of Hillel to the University and the community at large.
  • Oversee MCs by working directly with the vice president and MC delegates.
  • Make sure things are running smoothly between the HLC, staff, and other students.
  • Meet with the executive director twice a month.
  • Meet with the HLC every other week and be present at Town Hall meetings.
  • Attend staff meetings and adult leadership governing meetings, come prepared with a report.
  • Implement strategic vision for the Hillel leadership team.
  • Speak at every Shabbat (shared responsibility with VP).
  • Ensure the duties and obligations of the organization are met.
  • Enforce the bylaws in a manner consistent with what the organization requires.
  • Remain fair and impartial during the organization's decision making process.

Executive Vice President

Overview: Oversee goals of the HLC, assists President and HLC members. Officer Responsibilities:

  • Work with the appropriate staff member(s).
  • Oversee MCs by working directly with representatives.
  • Make sure committee chairs are working efficiently, productively, and well as a team as well as with their committees during town hall meetings.
  • Meet with each MC delegates quarterly to discuss their personal goals and goals within committees and to revisit these goals by the end of the school year.
  • Shabbat announcements (shared with President)
  • Assume the duties of the President in their absence.
  • Identify weaknesses or gaps in the Hillel programming schedule, and work with suitable staff and students to implement the changes.


Overview: Oversee Hillel’s financial vision. Officer Responsibilities:

  • Serve on the HLC.
  • Work with Illini Hillel staff on SORF funding application and work with committee heads to apply for their SORF funding.
  • Attend to the RSO account as needed.
  • Work with the appropriate staff member(s).
  • Work with the MCs to evaluate programs and oversee how MCs are spending their money.
  • Work with the executive director to fundraise for the Hillel community.


Overview: Spearhead the internal and external communications for HLC-related matters. Officer Responsibilities:

  • Serve on the HLC.
  • Work with the appropriate staff member(s).
  • Provide the VP with procedural support during Town Hall meetings. Including, but not limited to taking meeting minutes, tallying votes, determining the meeting’s process.
  • Spearhead the writing of formal statements made by the HLC.
  • Responsible for bringing petitions for MC affiliation to the HLC in an organized manner.

Hillel Leadership Council Elected Positions

Hillel Leadership Council Policies

Event Policies

  • Any misconduct during an event or meeting shall be reported to the President and Director of Jewish Student Life who will act accordingly.
  • No member shall be under the influence of drugs or alcohol prior to or during any event unless otherwise noted.
  • Members are asked to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the organization at all times.
  • Members should wear appropriate attire and not use foul language or obscene gestures.
  • If a member cannot lead an event they will reach out to members in their committee, the HLC, and staff in order to find someone to do so as quickly as possible.

Social Media

  • Usage of Hillel branding may not be used in Facebook events without the approval of the President or a staff member. This refers to the use of the Illini Hillel name, logo, or other references to the Illini Hillel community.
  • Hillel should not be associated with drugs, racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. in any form of social media. This includes the use of the Chief Illiniwek logo.
  • All Facebook groups, pages, and events for Hillel purpose:
  • Must not make any references to drugs, racism, homophobia, or sexism.
  • Will not tolerate attacks on other students.

Conduct in Meetings

  • MC delegates must submit the work asked of them in a timely fashion unless there is an issue stopping them that has been discussed with the President or a staff member.


  • All receipts must be submitted to the office manager within 7 days of the event.

Failure to abide by these policies may result in removal of position.


We, the members of Hillel Leadership Council, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and established for the purpose of creating a pluralistic environment that both welcomes and engages as many students as possible to explore and celebrate Judaism do adopt these bylaws.

Article I - Definitions

Section 1: Hillel Leadership Council: The Hillel Leadership Council (HLC) is a registered student organization at the University of Illinois representing the voice of the Jewish student body. Section 2: Illini Hillel: Hillel at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - (Illini Hillel) is an integral part of the Hillels of Illinois and the Campus Affairs Department at the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago which is a 501(c)(3) organization. Illini Hillel is an Accredited Campus Foundation of Hillel: The Foundation For Jewish Campus Life (Hillel International). Section 3: Micro-communities: Micro-communities (MC). Micro-communities could be a Registered Student Organization (RSO) or it could be a group of 8 students that share some common goal or identity.

Article III - Membership and Officers

Section 1: Leadership Council Officers The Hillel Leadership Council shall include the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Director. The HLC shall be subject to the orders of the Illini Hillel community, and none of its acts shall conflict with actions taken by Illini Hillel. Section 2: Engagement Expectations: Each member of the HLC shall be responsible for engaging the campus community and trying to grow the MC network. This includes developing engagement initiatives for Hillel as an organization and working with the appropriate staff member(s) and MCs to implement them, as well as reaching out to students who have chosen to create or lead programs in order to help them advertise and engage for their program. Section 3: Membership: Members of the Hillel Leadership Council will be any members of MC’s affiliated with HLC. Voting members would be any members that participated in at least one event organized by an MC, HLC or Illini Hillel. MCs have the right to decide their own method of membership. HLC’s Membership Director will be responsible for keeping records of HLC’s membership. Section 4: Affiliation: MCs will be required to petition for affiliation to the HLC. Affiliation will provide the MC access to HLC and Illini Hillel’s resources, when appropriate, including programmatic space, financial assistance, and a staff advisor. To petition for affiliation, the head representative of the MC will be asked to sign on at least 8 members, name their MC, and outline a potential financial plan for the semester. Section 5: Micro-community duties: MC members shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws, Appendix, policies and other documents adopted by HLC. The leadership of the MCs is responsible for the general welfare of their own organization and upholding its purpose. Each MC is responsible for appointing one delegate to the HLC. Section 6: HLC Officer Elections: The time and place of election shall be at the end of the calendar year and the event will be publicized with at least one week's notice. Voting members who are unable to attend elections may request an online absentee ballot up to 24 hours before the election. Candidates for HLC officer positions who are not elected may drop down once to a second position. Section 7: HLC Terms, Limitations, and Eligibility: Elected officers shall serve for one calendar year, until their successor is elected, and shall begin their term at the last business meeting of the year they are elected. No student may hold more than one elected office at a time or the same elected office for more than two terms. Students can be a part of more than one micro-community but can not hold two representative positions at the same time. Only students that have held a Hillel leadership position are eligible to run for President, per Article VII.

Article IV - Meetings

Section 1: HLC Meetings: Every other week of the calendar year, unless otherwise decided, the HLC officers shall meet to conduct the executive business of the HLC. The President will chair the HLC meeting. HLC officers have general supervision of the affairs of the HLC, can make recommendations to HLC delegates and MCs, and perform such other duties including- executing resolutions from the previous town hall meeting, exploring opportunities for additional affiliates, receiving reports from Illini Hillel staff members, and managing the overall organizational health of the HLC. Section 2: Town Hall Meetings: The organization will designate the time and hour of a meeting every other week (on opposite weeks to the HLC meetings) to relay information to all leaders and MCs. The VP will be the chairperson for the Town Hall Meetings. Town Hall Meetings shall last for up to 90 minutes, unless decided otherwise with vote from the delegates. The purpose of the meeting shall be determined by the elected officers. Section 3: Delegates: Each MC is required to have their representative (or a stand in if necessary) present at all Town Hall Meetings. During the meeting, the delegate has the voting power on behalf of the MC on all matters that are to be decided by the HLC. Delegates may bring new business, address old business and make member comments. Section 4: Structure and Agenda: Town Hall meetings shall include public comments, member comments, new business and old business sections. When needed, additional sections may be added by a regular majority vote. The VP will send the agenda to the MC delegates at least 24 hours ahead of the meeting. MCs can send agenda items to the VP up to 36 hours before the meeting.

Article V - Governing Documents and Amendments

Section 1: Bylaws: The bylaws of the organization shall contain the fundamental rules of the organization and supersedes other documents below. Section 2: Appendix: The appendix shall contain organization policies, the duties and powers of officers and committees not otherwise specified. Section 3: Amendments: The bylaws and appendix may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the MCs and HLC.

Article VI - Impeachment and Resignation

Section 1: Impeachment: A student may be impeached for reasons including, but not limited to, the following.

  • Failure to attend at least 2/3 of meetings at any point in time.
  • Bringing alcohol or drugs illegally into the building.
  • Failure to properly represent Illini Hillel.
  • Breaking into the building after hours.
Section 2: Resignation: A member of the HLC may resign by sending an official notice to the president and Program Director to set up a formal resignation meeting with both parties. Section 3: Vacancies: In the event of a HLC member’s resignation or removal, the vacant position on the HLC shall be filled via a 2/3 vote by the HLC. If the President is the vacant position, the Executive Vice President will immediately assume the responsibilities of President. Section 4: Authorized Agents: Authorized agents are the members of the HLC and the membership director that are registered on the RSO website. In the event of the resignation or removal of one of the organization’s formally registered authorized agents, that person will be expected to continue all responsibilities associated with that role until a replacement is found and installed.

Article VII - Running Eligibility

Section 1: Student: Must be a student at Parkland College or University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign in order to run. Section 2: Student: The student running must be on campus throughout their term. Section 3: President: President must have held a Hillel leadership position. This includes but is not limited to HLC member, MC leader, administrative intern, programming intern, or OU-JLIC intern. Section 4: President: President must have spent at least one year as a student in Champaign before running.

Article II - Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name: The name of this organization shall be known as the Hillel Leadership Council. Section 2: Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be conducted as a pluralistic environment that both welcomes and engages as many students as possible.

Hillel Leadership Council Bylaws